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Data will talk if you're ready to listen.

Numerous organizations encounter difficulties in unlocking the full potential of their data, often stemming from inflexible architectures, inadequate organizational adoption and readiness, expensive licensing environments, and a general lack of scalability. IKARUS Consulting Data & Insights is here to help you overcome these obstacles, enabling you to deliver meaningful, trusted, and actionable analytics for your organization. This ensures that your data aligns with your digital agenda, empowering you to make informed decisions that foster the growth of your business.

Our expertise

Data advisory service

Optimize your enterprise's technological investments by carefully mapping out your unique needs. We offer swift assessments of your current and target state data environments, viewing them through a comprehensive and strategic lens. IKARUS is here to guide you through the latest data and analytics trends, facilitating a pragmatic and powerful path forward.

Data Modernisation

Data modernization refers to the process of transforming traditional data infrastructure and practices into modern, scalable, and agile data management systems that can support the evolving needs of businesses in the digital age. Here's a breakdown of content for data modernization:

Agile Data Warehousing

Agile Data Warehousing is a data management approach that prioritizes rapid, iterative development and frequent delivery of business value, particularly beneficial for high-complexity data environments.

Data Accelerators

Data accelerators streamline the transition from the build phase to operations, expediting the initial 6-8 weeks of the building process.

Advanced Analytics

Deploy the optimal combination of solutions to swiftly extract insights from highly complex datasets, a feat not achievable with traditional data analytics tools.

Why choose us


Manage to outcomes

Your objective is our objective. Your success is our success. We work to our capability, not our contract.


Automate relentlessly

Automate where you can! Empower the robots to build & tear down environments, patch and deploy. We aim for 70% automation.


Keep it human

You get your own intelligent, multi-disciplined core pod – who own your problems.


No more ticket tennis

We actively reduce ticket volumes by addressing root causes and introducing automation to translate tickets into routine tasks.


Service economics

End to end cost management and cost out where possible, with granular reporting.


Reimagine governance

SLA performance plus end to end cost management across cloud platforms. Task and backlog transparency and remediation strategies for sentiment each month.

“By harnessing advanced data analytics, machine learning, and data visualization techniques will lead to a more connected, more autonomous digital environment where enterprises work together to deliver value to customers. These insights enable effective decision-making, drive strategic initiatives, and unlock huge opportunities for innovation and growth.”

”Illuminate your path with Data insights at Ikarus consulting to uncover,Analyze, Innovate.”