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Transform your data architecture with data advisory services.

Map your path to true data modernisation

We take the time to understand your unique needs, so you can make the best technological investments for your enterprise. We provide rapid assessments of your current and target state data environments through a whole-of-business and strategic lens.

Mobilise faster with IKARUS Consulting’s Yellow Brick Road (YBR).

Our proprietary Yellow Brick Road solution defines your specific data differentiators and corresponding modernisation pathway. We will consult with you to understand your key enterprise drivers, and develop your data strategy, roadmap and operating model.

YBR can be delivered as:

  • A comprehensive multi-week assessment for total data overhaul programs, where we develop your data strategy, develop a set of targeted use cases, a state architecture, and a business case and ROI modelling;
  • A 2-4 week targeted review of your data operating model (strategy, architecture, data management, information architecture) or a specific design objective;
  • A 0.5-1 day Lean Canvas workshop to jump start your data strategy refresh.

Accelerated proof of value.

IKARUS Consulting offer templated, 2-week PoVs for a variety of scenarios, for example, to rapidly onboard your data into our EDP framework; showcase key industry use cases leveraging customer data; showcase native AI or ML capabilities.

General health reviews.

Quick, 2-hour diagnostic workshops to identify readiness or uplift opportunities, such as: data migration readiness; AWS Redshift Tune-up; and MADE Well (Modern agile data environment – review against the operational pillars of strategy, architecture, DataOps, governance and continuous improvement).

Immersion sessions.

Half or one-day workshops to ideate, conceptualise and innovate based on emergent data macro trends, technologies and market developments. These ideation workshops can be as broad as surfacing potential new offerings and industry / client use cases; new product development based on design-thinking, and as specific as honing a business idea to a concept-level investment proposal.

Using ML for predictive analytics

A leading Australian university engaged IKARUS Consulting to model and predict student attrition. Our ML-based analysis and modelling enabled the university to make more targeted investment decisions, based on leading predictors of student churn.

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