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Founded in 2011 in Ontario, Canada,

Founded in 2011 in Ontario, Canada, IKARUS Consulting has since expanded its global presence to include offices in major commercial canters like Dubai, Riyad, Muscat, London, and New Delhi, in addition to its North American base. This strategic expansion allows us to better serve the developing markets where our SAP expertise is in high demand. IKARUS Consulting focuses on designing and implementing support solutions that address complex business issues faced by organizations that rely on SAP as their core platform. Our proven track record of delivering on-time and high-quality solutions has earned us the trust of clients across various industries, markets, and cultures. Our team understands the unique needs of each client and is committed to delivering solutions that drive success, not just for our clients, but for their customers as well. We achieve this by providing CRM solutions that empower businesses to transform themselves into more flexible, responsive, and cost-effective operations. Our team of highly qualified trainers and consultants will work within your budget and timeframe to ensure a successful project completion.

Unleash the digital revolution in your industry! We’re your one-stop shop for custom digital transformation solutions. Whether you’re in oil and gas, building smart cities, or shaping the future of education, our team crafts innovative solutions using cutting-edge tech. We streamline operations, drive tangible growth, and deliver exceptional quality. Experience the difference – we’ll become your trusted partner for digital success.

Guiding businesses through the tech maze: IKARUS Consulting helps companies overcome the challenges of technology by providing expert guidance and support.

IKARUS Consulting partners with businesses to unlock their full potential in a complex technological world.

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IKARUS Consulting is a trusted transformation partner to businesses seeking to navigate the complex world of technology.

We specialise in providing tailored solutions that empower companies to embrace digital transformation, improve operational efficiency, and drive business growth. Our team of experts leverages the latest technologies to create innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers, delivering superior quality of work that sets us apart from our competitors.


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Founded two years ago in Ontario, Canada, IKARUS Consulting has expanded its business to the Middle East by opening regional office in major city such as Dubai. Allowing our company to tap into the developing market wherein our services had a potential demand.

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