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What Is Resource Augmentation?

The strategy of resource augmentation proves to be a flexible and cost-effective outsourcing approach. In this model, companies enlist global tech talent from a third party on a contractual basis for specific projects. Resource Augmentation ensures the timely provision of the most suitable resources for startups, mid-tier, and large enterprises, aligning with project objectives. Collaboration occurs between internal staff and augmented resources throughout the project, with the option for new hires to work remotely or at the office. This approach enables organizations to secure qualified employees promptly, bypassing lengthy recruitment processes and resulting in significant time and cost savings. Moreover, organizations gain the flexibility to scale up or down the augmented team according to their requirements. The perennial challenge of hiring and retaining skilled IT talent is addressed through resource augmentation, especially when multiple projects demand additional workforce on a short or long-term basis. Companies increasingly turn to resource augmentation services to meet their ambitious project needs and deadlines.

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Improve the Enlistment Process

Finding candidates with advanced and uncommon skills can be a laborious and time-consuming process in traditional recruitment.

Nevertheless, resource augmentation organizations streamline this process, slashing enlistment times from months to mere weeks or even days.

Augmentation specialists maintain up-to-date databases containing a wealth of highly skilled tech talent, enhancing the likelihood of promptly securing the right candidate.

This efficiency translates to significant time savings for organizations.

A dedicated team provider in the resource augmentation model takes care of essential tasks such as recruitments, background checks, and the hiring process.

This comprehensive support makes resource augmentation an ideal solution for addressing long-term technological shortages.

Decrease Development Cost

The primary and unmistakable advantage of engaging a remote team is the considerable cost savings it offers.

By assembling augmented teams from countries with a lower cost of living, significant financial benefits can be realized, as these teams typically require lower salaries.

Moreover, the awareness that hiring in-house employees entails substantial expenses related to employee benefits, additional tax burdens, and various other factors underscores the economic appeal of remote teams.

Additionally, ancillary costs like infrastructure, equipment, and taxes are notably reduced in the remote team setup.

Expansion and Reshaping

Companies often aspire to expand their operations, but the fear of potential failure often acts as a deterrent. In such cases, staff augmentation emerges as a valuable solution.

This flexible hiring model allows businesses to scale their operations on a trial basis without making substantial investments in a full-time workforce. Consequently, companies can test their effectiveness in diverse industries, providing them with the opportunity to grow without taking on excessive risk.

Resource Augmentation Framework


Determine your needs

  • Determine the number of new hires. Discuss this with your management and come up with a specific figure.
  • Define the ideal candidate specifications, such as expertise, qualifications, years of experience, etc.


Evaluate and Choose

  • After thoroughly reviewing the requirements, begin the search process.
  • Find and evaluate all candidates who meet your criteria through interviews and tests.


New Team Members

  • It’s not just about hiring. You must feel at ease and easily integrated into the company culture.
  • Ensure that all new employees know your company’s procedures, rules, and values.


Continuous Support

  • Continue to provide ongoing support to new employees even after the integration phase is complete.
  • To build strong relationships with them, solicit feedback from them.

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