Fortune favours the cloud.

“To empower businesses to scale their operations and achieve greater heights in efficiency. By leveraging the cloud's flexible infrastructure, optimizing utilization of resources, enhancement of data security, and customer experiences a seamless delivery of digital data. The cloud is a digital transformation in different industries, enabling cost effectiveness, enabling agility, and strategic growth in the dynamic landscape .”

Our expertise

Strategy & Advisory

We offer discovery and strategic insights to facilitate a comprehensive, whole-of-business approach to cloud modernization.

Cloud Foundations

We lay the foundation for your cloud modernisation journey.We establish the groundwork for your journey towards cloud modernization.

Cloud Modernisation

Uncovering key insights and strategic perspectives for a comprehensive, whole-of-business approach to cloud modernization.

Cloud Migration

We assist in migrating your business to the cloud.

We found it incredibly beneficial for our Cloud Engineers to have the experience of world leaders in this space and to work alongside them every day.

Why choose us


Established migration routes

Our Cloud Adoption Team enhances your business outcomes by optimizing applications through re-hosting, re-platforming, or re-architecting. This ensures the full realization of the benefits offered by Modern Cloud.


Expeditious realization of value

We mitigate risks and expedite your cloud adoption journey using proven methodologies and cutting-edge tools. Our proprietary Migration Factory significantly accelerates the process, reducing the time for rehosting workloads from 4 hours to just 15 minutes, with no manual intervention required.


Ongoing, iterative delivery

Modern Cloud constitutes the core fabric, culture, and ethos of a high-performing organization. We bring our expertise in automation, DevSecOps, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to you, employing best-practice CloudOps frameworks and methodologies.


Genuine collaboration for delivery excellence

We collaborate closely with you every step of the way on your cloud transformation journey. Our team of on-the-ground cloud specialists not only provide expertise in DevOps and automation but also actively engage in joint program steering committees, governance, technical oversight, and migration pods integrated within our customers’ implementation teams. Success is a mutual achievement.