Security & Identity

Digital, cloud and app security.

Security at speed.

We know that as organisations accelerate cloud and DevOps adoption, some of the key issues business leaders and their teams wrestle with are:

  • Alignment between cloud adoption / DevOps and their security strategy and roadmap
  • Managing security when their infrastructure is ephemeral
  • Effectively responding to incidents in a distributed cloud environment

Your trusted partner in security strategy.

IKARUS Consulting offers:

  • Blueprints for digital security, security operations, building extensible cloud foundations and DevSecOps practices
  • Adoption of roadmaps to transform security functions to deliver the capabilities needs to support cloud and DevOps
  • Implementation to achieve protected, APRA or other compliance status
  • Ongoing consulting to support the implementation of strategies and cloud security solutions, and navigate the evolving range of cloud security services available

Your rock in security assessment.

We provide an array of services including:

    • Assessment against best practice implementations
    • Creation of work backlogs to remediate findings
    • Implementation teams and / or support to execute on plans and train your internal staff
    • Compliance roadmaps to align with regulatory requirements, as protected, APRA or other compliance accreditation

Best practice security governance.

IKARUS Consulting have a long and successful track record in providing:

  • Risk management
  • Threat modelling, secure application design / development
  • Sensitivity classification, integrations
  • Gap analysis of compliance requirements
  • Quality assurance – automated penetration and vulnerability testing

Build a secure future with IKARUS Consulting today