Security & Identity

Zero-trust solutions.

Proactive & pre-emptive threat-modelling.

A zero-trust approach ensures your cyberthreat defences cover cloud-hosted and mobile applications and go in tandem with your enterprise identity and access management solution to ensure stringent authorisation and authentication of privileged access.

IKARUS Consulting’s holistic zero-trust designed security solutions identify your enterprise threats, map out gaps in baseline capabilities, and architect and evaluate specific products and vendor solutions.

We apply a pattern-based approach to the redesign or augmentation of new applications and services, to expedite time-to-market, uphold best practices, and ensure your security capabilities evolve to combat emerging threats.

Enablement for the win.

A zero-trust approach enables:

  • A secure work from anywhere culture
  • Threat scanning and analytics over all activities
  • Secure isolation from untrusted devices and WiFi/3G/4G networks

Secure integration.

IKARUS Consulting’s modern cloud-based security and identity management solutions allow full integration and interoperability with ISV partners and frameworks, such as the Australian consumer data right and the trusted digital identity framework. We also facilitate compliance with international security standards and privacy principles.

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